Pillar Project’s 2018 “Woodstock of Crypto” Set to Attract Over 500 Blockchain Entrepreneurs and Technologists.

Swiss-based The Pillar Project will hold its second annual “unconference” in Lithuania between July 15th and 22nd, 2018. The non-profit is developing an advanced cryptocurrency and token wallet and anticipate at least 500 attendees to its open event focusing on e-commerce tools and infrastructure for the Pillar Wallet platform.

The Pillar Project ran a successful ICO in 2017, raising $21 million USD to fund its “universal smart wallet” development. CEO and founder David Siegel described the ICO as “similar to Ethereum’s own crowd sale in 2014”. Investments in the Pillar Token were spread across small investments with almost no larger transactions.

The blockchain non-profit emerged from a collaboration of the blockchain innovation community of 20/30, a company focused on supporting innovation at the intersection of technology and decentralization.

20/30’s other projects include a token exchange focused on startups, an optimized index product based on over 50 cryptocurrencies and a division offering ICO token sales and other new kinds of securities.

Pillars 2018 “unconference” at the Vilnius Grand Resort, Lithuania, is being billed as the “Woodstock of crypto”. It is an open event for both the Pillar community and those interested in “learning more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and decentralized technologies.”

The event will center around e-commerce business owners “who want to connect and build tools, middleware, or infrastructure on the Pillar wallet platform.” Siegel will offer Business Agility Workshops oriented to startups, ICOs, and tokenomics, and deliver his vision on the Pillar wallet. The event will also include a “devcon” track for blockchain and smart contract developers to meet and share their work, and the Pillar token-holders’ general meeting.

The “unconference” features a children’s program to allow parents to attend event content and further activities for “Pillaristas” including local tours, a crypto excursion and a party at Lithuania’s medieval Trakai castle.

“Last year, 70 developers and entrepreneurs came to our first unconference in Slovakia; we anticipate at least 500 Pillaristas to attend this year,” said CEO Siegel in a press release for the event. “At Pillar, we are building a culture of radical openness, trust, and joy; our event is open to anyone excited by blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship.”

“It was memorable, I learned a lot about blockchain from very talented and experienced people,” said 2017 Pillar event attendee Euros Evans, CEO of Etch Foundation. “I will definitely come to the next unconference, even if it takes place on the other side of the world.”

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