PodMiners Announces ICO Private Sale For The Blockchain-Powered Digital Radio And Podcasting Platform

PodMiners, a blockchain-based digital radio, and podcasting platform is launching its ICO private sale on 1st September 2019. The sale will continue until September 20, 2019. The funds generated from the sale will be used for product development and its marketing on a global level.

PodMiners has been reportedly working to revolutionize the podcast industry by implementing blockchain technology. It is the world’s first digital radio and podcasting platform built on top of the blockchain. The platform has already launched its beta version and will introduce new features soon.

Cryptocurrency is the new and popular technique of fundraising through crowdfunding as ICO. Many businesses these days use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies due to high security and transparency. PodMiners too is raising funds through ICO to continue the development of platform through PodMiners Token (POMT).

The Total Tokens to be distributed in various ICO phases are 100M, out of which 10% (10 Million) will be available for distribution in private sale. CEO Avinash Chauhan said, “We’re moving ahead toward the next step and are extremely happy to announce the ICO launch. The goal is to secure and generate the funding to continue the development of PodMiners platform. We’re working to deliver the best in the podcast industry. With the support and guidance of our partners and advisors, I believe, we’ll achieve our goals.” He further added, “With the expansion of PodMiners ecosystem, POMT will hold a genuine value inside and outside the platform.”

PodMiners claims to cut down the barriers in the podcast industry and make the road smooth for the content creators, consumers, and advertisers as well. Earlier, PodMiners has announced its partnership with ABBC Foundation and TranslateMe Network.



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