Property Investors Raise Income 33% with Deedcoin

Deedcoin is reinventing the way real estate commissions are paid. The Deedcoin broker network provides real estate customers an opportunity to retain thousands of dollars in equity when selling their home. Homebuyers are also benefitting from the Deedcoin network by receiving money back at closing.

Real estate investors that are flipping several properties each year stand to benefit on a large scale with the reduction in commissions paid to their representing agents. To better understand how real estate investors will benefit, here is briefly how Deedcoin works.

With a real estate investor using Deedcoin for flipping a house, they would have the ability to receive 2% back when making the purchase and save another 2% when selling the property. Most investors work on a 12% margin when flipping a house. With the potential to add a total of 4% margin to each transaction, the investor stands to gain a whopping 33% in gross income. Adding those type of dollars to each deal’s bottom line will have an amazing impact on the investor’s business.

Deedcoin is on a blockchain platform and is available for purchase ( Each Deedcoin is worth a tenth of a real estate commission percentage. Simply, 10 Deedcoin equals 1% in commission or 1% of the actual value of the home. Each Deedcoin currently sells for $1.50. If a customer is using a Deedcoin agent, they can use Deedcoin to reduce the buyer’s side of the commission from 3% to 1%. This 2% would be returned to the buyer. On an average home in the U.S. of $250,000 that would equate to $5,000. When the house is ready to be flipped and sold by a Deedcoin network agent the selling commission reduction can be from 3% to 1% as well. 

The Deedcoin broker network is robust and growing with over 140 agents represented throughout all 50 States and Puerto Rico.

If an investor flips 10 houses in a calendar year here is a look at the financial impact on his business. If each house sold for $200,000 on average that would be $2 million in annual transactions. While transacting $2 million in business through the Deedcoin network, the investor stands to earn an additional $80,000 in annual income. The 33% gross income increase raises the annual income from $240,000 to $320,000. The long-term effect of this added income is very substantial. With these numbers, It would take just over 12 years to gain an additional $1 million in gross income.

The real estate investor is doing the exact same amount of work while earning a 33% increase in income.  There is no reason for any real estate investor to not take advantage of this amazing opportunity working with the Deedcoin network. Considering the 40 Deedcoin for 4% cost $60 today per property, the solution is game-changing for the industry sector. Deedcoin (DEED) are for sale on currently, with the next sales phase happening at the end of the month.

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