Publiq Launches Blockchain-Based Content Platform For Genuine, Unbiased News

Swiss non-profit the Publiq Foundation has launched a blockchain-based content platform that aims to fight “fake news” and bias reporting.

The organization uses blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to build an ecosystem operated by authors, journalists, bloggers and advertisers that’s censorship proof and where all profits gained through the platform are distributed between content providers. It also introduces a reputation-scoring system based on readers’ views and feedbacks intended to allow authors to be more fairly rewarded.

Publiq said its goal is to “overcome the massive flow of poor, fake and fabricated news” by offering a transparent rewarding process that incentivizes members to write quality content. It said it aims to solve the numerous problems that have plagued the media industry including over centralization, unfair remunerations, poor customer experience and lack of quality content.

“By creating a content distribution platform, we’re trying to tackle the tabloid journalism that is consumed daily,” said Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO of the Publiq Foundation.

“Propaganda and fake news are some of the main problems the media industry faces. We are creating an ecosystem of accredited authors with trusted reputations, and guarantee that only high quality content will be promoted over the platform. The merit-based distribution will result in a paradigm shift by unchaining the creative power of an individual to become a full participant of the economy of the future.”

Publiq is a distributed media environment owned, governed and operated by a global independent community, the organization said.

Content on Publiq’s blockchain-based platform is cryptographically sealed, distributed, and published, preventing any third parties from tampering with the author’s work.

Authors are rewarded in PBQ tokens, the in-house token, according to their Publiq Score, which is calculated by the previous engagement their pieces have earned and which is based on feedbacks from readers.

This introduces a mechanism of community governance and removes the need of intermediaries or traditional publishing houses from the chain of creation and distribution, Publiq said.

Advertisers can use the platform as well for a more targeted advertising process. The AI algorithm provides an advertisement platform mechanism based on readers’ preferences.

Publiq Network

Publiq is amongst the numerous startups that are leveraging blockchain technology to transform the media and news industry. Copenhagen-based startup Media Shifter is using blockchain and the wisdom of the crowd to change the way we consume news.

Media Shifter’s news aggregator is built on top of a community that validates aggregated content through blockchain-powered user consensus, enabling readers to better “navigate through the noise and bias of the current media landscape.”

Another venture, called Userfeeds, is building a content ranking and reputation system for blockchain communities.

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