Recently-appointed Blockchain Australia CEO elaborates on the future for blockchain

Steve Vallas, who was appointed to the top spot this month, speaks about the importance of revamping the perception of blockchain, its utility in the post-pandemic world, and more

Blockchain Australia, the end to end Blockchain Consulting and Technology company, recently appointed Steve Vallas as their Chief Operating Officer (CEO). In an interview with Coin Telegraph, the newly-appointed CEO explained his vision for the future of Blockchain Australia and the future direction of the industry.

Vallas said that building up public confidence in blockchain and improving the image of the technology among businesses and governments across the world topped his to-do list.

Steve Vallas replaces Nick Giurietto, who led Blockchain Australia for the last five years in the top spot. Vallas, who is a qualified lawyer and blockchain technology strategist, has worked as an industry coach and mentor for multiple universities and accelerator programs.

He is also the founder of the Australian marketing firm Honey Digital. Vallas has previously been part of the advisory team for governments on blockchain technology.

His main focus will be in improving the confidence of key industry leaders on blockchain technology by presenting it as a stable and well-developed solution. “It comes down to people’s definition of blockchain. Their views were formed during the 2017 period where a lot of scams and [poorly planned] projects failed,” he stated.

Vallas elaborated that blockchain is often considered synonymous with cryptocurrencies, but the use of the technology across different sectors is difficult to explain. Even today, many don’t understand how blockchain can benefit the supply chain, retail or legal sectors.

The pandemic presents a unique opportunity for the blockchain sector and the industry must take full advantage of it, Vallas claimed. He said that, “it [COVID-19] has highlighted the flaws in current systems” and the need to keep systems running without the constant need for human intervention.

Disruption in supply chains over the past few months has led organisations to be open to unorthodox solutions. Blockchain Australia must seize the opportunity to contribute to a post-pandemic future, he added.

The Australian Ministry for Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources, formulated a national strategy for capturing the potential of blockchain engagement in businesses called the National Blockchain Roadmap, earlier this year.

Vallas said that he aims to bring industry leaders, government officials, and other relevant parties to the same page with the new initiative. He added that the National Blockchain Project is viewed as a clear indication that the government is willing to work with blockchain leaders to develop a sustainable plan.

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