Revain announces partnership with DragonEx exchange

Revain is delighted to announce that Revain Review Platform and DragonEx exchange came to a partnership agreement. According to the agreement, R token is listed on DragonEx and Dragon Token is listed on Revain Review Platform.

By listing a Dragon Token on Revain, the exchange has now the option of answering to reviews written about the DragonEx Exchange on Revain Platform. DragonEx is the eleven’s exchange where R token has been listed. The listing makes R token available to the wide crypto community of Asian markets. R token is now available for trading in R/USDT trading pair.

Revain and DragonEx have also agreed that a widget with Revain rating will be integrated into the exchange and will become available to the exchange’s clients shortly. The integration will give DragonEx’s clients an extra analytical tool for making smart trade and investment decisions. They will be able to read all reviews with rating published on Revain platform without leaving the exchange’s website and have an opportunity to write reviews on Revain platform with a few clicks. A customized module developed by Revain ensures smooth and easy integration process.

As opposed to analytical articles written by ICO experts and published on ICO rating websites, reviews on Revain platform are provided by multiple authors who write reviews on projects where they own tokens. Readers make decisions in terms of investing based on a range of positive and negative reviews. All reviews make up an overall rating, which helps to evaluate the project in a whole.

About DragonEx

DragonEx is a Singapore-based Cryptocurrency exchange which initiates trading-mining model with holding-sharing feature, being well-known for its community-driven strategy and 30,000 extremely active community members. DragonEx has over 210,000 users from more than 32 different countries. The global operation center of DragonEx launched in June 2018, along with DragonEx Institute which is dedicated to incubating quality projects. To publicize Blockchain knowledge and project information, DragonEx established DragonEx Academy in September 2018, which performs well with its special lectures of project partners. With the core of DragonEx ecosystem, DT, shifting from inflation to deflation after the first increase of mining difficulty, DragonEx is experiencing a transition to a decentralized exchange, returning the rights and interests to the users.




About Revain

Revain was created to bring trustworthiness to online reviews using blockchain technology. Its platform is designed to accumulate authentic user reviews on startups and projects that have concluded their crowdfunding/ICO stage. The platform is bringing to life the service that will finally allow businesses to receive detailed and genuine feedback about their projects, while users will get access to other people’s experience with ICOs and share their own insights as well. The platform aggregates information on token dynamics and major milestones in each listed startup’s development. Revain announced that its version 1.0 of the platform completed beta testing in October 2018.

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