Sapphire Coin, Currency of the Winners, Enters pre-ICO Phase

A crypto-currency for winners is finally here. The Sapphire Coin, an exclusive currency for the world’s biggest skill-based jackpot game, will be available from its pre-ICO phase beginning January 31, 2018 for the next thirty days. The token is priced at 0.20€ with a maximum cap at 200M tokens. The discounted price in pre-ICO phase is one to five compared to nominal price. The pre-sale for the coin has ended successfully after reaching the sufficient sales amount.

Sapphire Coin has been launched exclusively for the new skill-based game which carries the world’s biggest jackpot of its kind. The coin will now let players win some of the highest prices in history, and the coins can be used worldwide with free trading on selected digital currency exchanges. The jackpot game is more accessible than poker, easier to play and always available. Sapphire Coin is built on the Ethereum platform (ERC20), with a total supply of 1Bn coins.

“The initial coin offering for Sapphire aims to seek for early investors and players to help us fund the development and marketing of the gaming platform and the token. Early buyers will get more benefits and better price for the token,” said a spokesperson for Sapphire.

For investors, the biggest plus point of the game platform is that it will offer a record return of close to 100 percent with a target of minimum 98 percent payout rate. The game itself is more rewarding than, for example, existing lotteries such as EuroJackpot or EuroMillions, which happen to be pure random number generator lotteries. Players with Sapphire Coins in the wallet will play the game using a single click with access to information and game statistics to increase the chances of a win.

The Sapphire Coin ICO will protect the buyers and investors using a third party escrow service (PayApi Escrow Ltd). If the minimum funding targets are not met, investors can receive their funds back minus a 3 percent processing fee.

The main ICO phase will list Sapphire Coin at a discounted price starting from 0.33€/token to 0.50€/token depending on the ICO phase. Participants will also win rewards on a weekly basis, with a special ‘win without playing’ investor lottery. Such rewards are ranging from 10K up to 1M tokens each week. The draw will be run as a classic lottery, automatically including all current token investors and buyers when the ICO phase is being executed.

Sapphire Coin also has a post-ICO phase, with a nominal coin price of 1.00€. During this phase, the ClickJackpot game will be released for public access and the Sapphire Coin can be used for gaming and gambling in this game. During all sales phases, Sapphire Coin runs a referral program for both the referrers and the referred, each receiving +30 percent extra tokens upon purchase.

For more information, please visit:

Panu Mäki, Sapphire CEO
Tel: +358 40 545 3111
Email: [email protected]

Matti Vilola, Sapphire Chairman of the Board, Chief Auditor
Tel: +358 50 501 6347
Email: [email protected]

Media Contact:

Panu Mäki
Sapphire Company
Phone: +358 40 545 3111
Email: [email protected]

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