SCI Launches Enterprise Blockchain Division in the Philippines

Satoshi Citadel Industries Ventures (SCI), a blockchain startup from the Philippines, has launched a new enterprise blockchain division called SCI Blockchain Technologies.

SCI, a licensed virtual currency business in the Philippines, operates a portfolio of crypto-related products that include, one of the first Bitcoin brokerages in the Philippines,, a blockchain cross-border remittance service, and, a mobile cryptocurrency wallet.

The startup is now targeting the corporate market, providing enterprises with advisory services, white-labelling opportunities, smart contract programming assistance, and more. It also organizes workshops and educational events.

“We are glad to add this new division and finally share the technology that we have been working with over the last four years,” said John Bailon, co-founder and CEO of SCI.

“These past months, businesses have been asking what can this technology do for us and our business and this team is here to answer that. We are incredibly fortunate to bring onboard seasoned professionals who I have personally known in the tech space for years and were early adopters of the blockchain technology.”

The new division is led by Peter Ing, SCI’s head of enterprise. Originally from the UK, Ing worked alongside a number of Filipino venture capital-funded startups mainly focused on e-commerce prior to joining SCI and brings over nine years of international work experience with previous clients that include UBS, MasterCard, and FactSet.

Besides SCI, Ing is a partner at Acceler8 by UnionSPACE, a tech-oriented co-working space, where he leads the co-working network’s blockchain division in the Philippines called Blockchain Space.

Launched earlier this year, Blockchain Space aims to bring fintech companies across Southeast Asia together through a series of collaborative events involving networking, seminars, workshops, and training sessions. It also provides a co-working space for companies in the industry. Blockchain Space currently has two locations: one in West Jakarta, and the other in Makati City.

“Just like the days of the early Internet, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are still uncertain about the future value of blockchain. And as this technology approaches its tenth anniversary, we are here to help our customers decipher the value it will bring to their business, in order to build long-lasting solutions that will help ready them for the future,” Ing said. “While blockchain is not a solution for everything, we promise honest guidance in helping companies determine that.”

Alongside Ing, other team members of SCI Blockchain Technologies include SCI’s chief blockchain architect, Marco Mejia, the founder of, the Philippines’ first-ever bitcoin wallet back in 2012, senior blockchain developers Jerico James Flores, a highly skilled programmer with experience in research and development, and Tristan Peralta, an Ethereum developer.

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