SendChat Allows Users to Send Cryptocurrencies with Ease

The new messaging app, SendChat, will be opening its doors to cryptocurrencies within the next few weeks. SendChat users will be able to send, receive, exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and even conduct in-app shopping through Telegraph, the open source messenger network.

Users will be able to transfer Send Bitcoin, Sendcoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin after the completion of the company┬┤s initial blockchain crowdfunding efforts, which began on January 8, 2015. The SendChat white paper is still available for download. The new features will also include Telegram┬┤s ability to send messages, photos, files, videos and more.

Example of Sendchat
Example of Sendchat

While SendChat users have been able to send messages to Telegram users without the former having SendChat, the sending of cryptocurrencies will require both parties to have SendChat. When a SendChat user sends Bitcoin to a Telegram user the former will receive a notification. They will then be required to download and install SendChat to receive the currency. The app will be fully compatible with iOS, Android, MAC, PC, Linux and even Smart Watches.

SendChat uses the same open source infrastructure as Telegram, which currently boasts 50 million users. It is also cooperating with third party blockchain crowd funding platform and project certification service BlockTrust; this means that the crowdfunding project will be using multi-sig escrow, strict timelines and hard guidelines that will guarantee a professional crowdfunding effort. SendChat will be using SendChat will be using an Amazon EC2 DdoS mitigation provider to guarantee network stability and prevent DDoS attacks

The new addition will also allow users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies in-app. When users sell their cryptocurrencies on SendChat the funds will be sent to their private account instantly and they can be immediately withdrawn from this account with a MasterCard debit card issued on behalf of the customer. They are also able to withdrawal using funds transfer through SEPA, EFT, ACH or Swift. Investors and merchants are offered support for thirty different fiat currencies allowing users to do business in their own currency.

This full featured effort is truly the first of its kind, allowing users a great deal of flexibility. If a user wants privacy and even anonymity, SendChat offers that but if users need to have the flexibility of working through their bank this will also be possible and everything is done through decentralization.

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