Seracoin ICO Announced: Sera to offer Machine Learning based Cryptocurrency Analysing Platform for Profitable Auto Trading

With thousands of cryptocurrencies playing it out in the global arena, investors are in search of tools that would tell them the right time and the best prices to make profitable trading decisions. The Sera platform, comprising the Sera ML and Sera Ecosystem, offers analysis of 1,000+ Cryptocurrencies to offer insightful information and has now announced the ICO for the new token, the Seracoin.

Sera has announced the token sale for Sera and will offer investors good returns on the Seracoin and over a thousand other digital currencies. Seracoin will be used to exchange in the Sera Ecosystem. The sale between February 15-17 will put Seracoin at $0.80 with a cap of 500,000 SRA/day and max 500 SRA/account/day. The price will gradually increase and the sale will end between February 26-March 2, during which the coin will be priced at $1.2, with a cap of 300,000 SRA/day and max 300 SRA/account/day. The maximum supply of Sera is 32,000,000 coins and forecasts to be fully exploited in 14 years.

Given the volatility of the crypto-currency market, investors can benefit from Sera to maximize their profits, and minimize risks by using the Seracoin that is based on automated trading and a machine learning bot. The Sera platform comprises an auto-trading software, a lending platform, and a mobile app. The core of the system is the Sera ML (machine learning), which learns from the community and updates itself to serve the larger Sera Ecosystem.

“Users now have the unprecedented advantage of trading intelligently using the Sera Software and experiencing the special value of Seracoin. Sera ML facilitates the auto trading of over 1000 cryptocurrencies via millions of micro-transactions. Therefore, we commit to paying monthly interest rates up to 60%. You may withdraw your coins at any time,” said a spokesperson from Sera.

The ML trading tool is integrated at the back-end of the Seracoin, and users receive the profits based on their investments. The bot watches and studies several markets and predicts the best times to buy and sell tokens.

Seracoin offers investors good opportunities to earn returns. From an investment on $100 onwards to $100,000 and above, investors can make profits up to 48% and up to 60%. The rewards include earning 5% commission on referrals and a commission when the referrals lend on the Sera platform.

The Sera platform offers several pioneering features for lending, trading, staking and mining. These include trading signals, auto-trade applications, coin selections, ratio of profits, bonuses on stakes, and ability to earn coins through many devices, from specialized machines to web browsers. The team behind Sera comprises developers and seasoned traders involved in cryptocurrencies since its early days, and a combined experience of over 40 years in machine learning.

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