Sphere Social ICO Sale for SAT Token Announced, to Disrupt Social Media and Global Advertising with a Secure and Sharing Business Model

Sphere Social, the next generation, decentralized social network, has announced the launch of its ICO for the Social Activity Token (SAT), the only one of its kind digital token that will allow online users to take back control over their data and activities. SAT ICO will be launched on February 12, 2018.

The SAT ICO will be live on February 12th, and priced at 1 SAT = $0.14 USD.  The aim of SAT is to connect business activity and people, or users, and allow them to transact within a decentralized social network. SAT is compliant with ERC20, and will be tradable on several exchanges and wallets such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, and Parity. Sphere is a ready to use product on Google Play and the web, with a beta iOS app available on Apple App Store.

Our online activities and social media interactions contribute to a $500 billion plus industry.Sphere Social is at the forefront of the wave that demands more online transparency.

Sphere Social is about ‘your data, your privacy’. All of the user’s personal browsing and search engine results are privately secured and stored away from the prying eyes of advertisers. In addition, the advertisers will pay the users for accessing their data.

“SAT represents the birth of a new cryptocurrency that will return power back to the users and away from greedy corporations.Sphere Social believes online users deserve greater privacy.” said Andrew Khong, CEO, Sphere Social.

The Sphere Marketplace will be where registered users can create and advertise products. Users can exercise limits on the reach of their content, and immediately receive the payments in their wallet when the product is bought. The Sphere news feed is where users can advertise their products for a fee, and take advantage of per-click and per-impression features.

Sphere wants privacy, transparency and data security to be the foundation of all social networking and media platforms. It is now engaged in building a decentralized social network that is separate from social media corporations and give all internet users a voice, a say, and stay in control of every connection and interaction that they make.

For more information, please visit:https://sphere.social

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