Spondoolies Tech Release Sub $1000 Miner

Spondoolies Tech have seen a phenomenal reaction to their sub $1000, SP20 Jackson with the first batch selling out in days.

Since then, the company have added a second batch, with delivery beginning 26th of November, a far cry from other manufacturers who’ve kept customers waiting up to 6 months for delivery.

The hardware is notable for its low price, which Spondoolies Tech says comes with the “best technology available” – eight RockerBox application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). These 28nm chips each have a hash rate of 200 GH/s.

The hardware has a total hash rate of 1.7 TH/s, with a variance of 10 per cent.

The SP20 Jackson runs cgminer with Spondoolies Tech’s own custom adaptations via a plugin. It’s also small enough to sit on a desk in a home office, and it connects via Ethernet to your network. Reports about noise output are mixed, though, so best not to place one in the middle of your living room, though the heat may be welcome in these cold winter months!

Unlike other Spondoolies products, the miner comes without a power supply, which leaves users free to decide how to power their hardware. This is key to the product , since users can combine different PCIE compliant PSUs and achieve their desired power consumption. By balancing power cost with hash rate, they can control the potential profits.

Spondoolies Tech is targeting home users who have been put off by high prices for mining hardware recently. By bringing the price down to sub-$1000 levels, Spondoolies Tech hopes to bring new miners into the fold and give them innovative ways to control their spend.

The SP20 isn’t a top-end machine, and it doesn’t push any boundaries with its specs. However, it provides an accessible entry point for domestic users who want to learn more about bitcoin mining, and that’s a niche that has been lost in the race to innvoate. The industry has upgraded its equipment and raised its prices in tandem, so it’s nice to see a smaller and more compact miner come to market.



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