StormX Allows Travelers to Purchase First Class Airline Tickets with Cryptocurrency

StormX, the company behind the popular crypto-earning app Storm Play has announced that travelers will be able to purchase first class airline tickets with cryptocurrency.  StormX has partnered with the travel concierge service I Only Fly First Class to facilitate these transactions.  Storm Play users will be able to access the I Only Fly First Class website via the Storm Play app. 

Storm Play uses blockchain technology to match users with small tasks that can be completed in exchange for virtual currency.  StormX’s crowdsale for its STORM token yielded $32 million, which the company is using to expand its operations across the globe.

I Only Fly First Class customers can use STORM tokens, either awarded through the Storm Play app or purchased on an exchange, to buy discounted first class airfare on the travel service’s website.  I Only Fly First Class has a unique business model that allows its customers to get the best prices on first and business class airfare.  The company purchases award miles from various loyalty programs at wholesale prices and uses those discounted miles to book flights, passing the saving along to customers.

The CEO of StormX, Simon Yu, said,

“Making first class flights available in cryptocurrency to savvy consumers, tech enthusiasts, adventurers, and bargain hunters is a momentous leap forward in merging the worlds of travel and crypto.  Perhaps most exciting is that StormX’s alliance with I Only Fly First Class means that travelling in style—once a luxury afforded by few—is now at the fingertips of everyday people. By watching advertisements or reviewing products, for example, anyone anywhere in the world can be rewarded in STORM Tokens and then use them to travel the world first class at more affordable fares.”

The CEO of I Only Fly First Class, David Mei, said,

“The travelers on our platform come to us for the best luxury deals that are off the beaten path of traditional flight booking.  Incorporating the added bonus of being able to pay in cryptocurrency—and being one of the first concierge services to offer this option—is an exciting way to recognize our thriving community.  Our focus is to provide the most progressive, upscale, and secure air travel experience in the world, and our alliance with StormX will help us make this a reality for an entirely new community of tech lovers.”

This partnership serves as one of the first bridges connecting digital currency and the travel industry.  Hopefully, this partnership will inspire more travel services to accept cryptocurrency as payment, widening the potential real-world spending opportunities for virtual currency holders who would rather not go through the extra step of converting their coins into fiat money in order to use them.

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