The Co-creator of Robot-Humanoid Sophia Will Develop AI for Estonian Consulting Marketplace G-Global Business Portal

Sophia, the robot-humanoid is developed by the head of the SingularityNET, Ben Goertzel. She looks very much like a human and can express emotions, listen, speak and move independently. According to Ben Goertzel,

“Sophia is a complex of various technologies that imitate human feelings: the ability to speak, to see, to think… She is capable of abstract thinking, there is a software for collecting and processing video.”

Sophia quickly learns languages and has already received the Saudi citizenship.

The technologies used to create the intellect of Sophia will find soon be applied in Estonia for the development of G-Global, the innovative consulting marketplace.

Goertzel confirmed his intentions to participate in the integration and Mikhail Korb, a Member of Parliament and the Secretary-General of the Centre party of Estonia has endorsed the project.

“Openness to new financial instruments is an important step of digitalization of the country economy and strengthening its competitiveness in the world’s stage”, said Mikhail Korb.

The G-Global Business Portal is a blockchain-based consulting marketplace designed to unite experts from all over the world. The platform is developed as an auxiliary tool for digitalizing Estonian enterprises of the real sector of the economy.

The application of the AI will provide both experts and customers with quality technical support: communicating with the platform users, the AI will be able to find the best solutions and provide the necessary information. The AI will be able to recommend and connect users with specific experts based on their needs and objectives.

David Chen (AngelVest Fund) and Sergei Sergienko (ChronoBank) have confirmed the integration of their companies into the G-Global Business Portal for the management of financial instruments and human resources. Sergei Sergienko has developed the TIME token, the use of which will ensure a stable evaluation of the productivity of an employee during his working hours.

Using the AI, the process of picking an expert or consultant will be sped up, allowing users to find the right professional in a short time.

Alvin Roth, the Nobel laureate in economics, an author of game theory models and one of the brightest specialists in the field of market design will also participate in the development of the matching mechanisms used by the AI. Two-sided matching models will help in the search for a necessary expert.

Denis Tsyro, the head of the G-Global Business Portal, noted that it is also planned to develop an auxiliary application in cooperation with Ben Goertzel.

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