The Future of Bitcoin Conference Comes to Arnhem Bitcoin City

Arnhem, The Netherlands, June 01, 2017 – The Future of Bitcoin Conference 2017, taking place in the Netherlands’ famous Bitcoin-friendly city of Arnhem, will bring together developers, researchers, companies and enthusiasts from all around the world to discuss and share knowledge on the state of Bitcoin and present the hottest projects currently in development.

The price of Bitcoin hit new highs this year as demand for cryptocurrencies surges and governments around the world move forward with regulating these activities. But despite growth and development, the debate surrounding how the Bitcoin network should scale still divides the community.

From June 29 to July 01, 2017, presenters and speakers from Russia, Poland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, China, Canada, the US and Argentina, will come to Arnhem to represent the global Bitcoin community at the Future of Bitcoin 2017 conference.

The event will offer Bitcoin developers the opportunity to meet face-to-face, discuss the future of the network and connect with other members from the community. Individuals and teams will showcase new and exciting projects, and address some of the most urging issues.

Topics covered will include scaling the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin and micropayments, as well as Bitcoin and fraud prevention. Presentations will be given by speakers representing some of the industry’s most prominent firms such as Bitmain and Bitgo.

Known as the Arnhem Bitcoinstad – or Bitcoincity -, Arnhem rose to fame in 2014 when it became the second Dutch city, following The Hague, to host a “Bitcoin Boulevard” and enroll several merchants to take bitcoin as a payment method. Today, over 100 merchants in Arnhem accept the digital currency.

On June 29, 2017, attendees and presenters will be welcomed at the WTC Arnhem to collect their conference package, and meet one another while enjoying drinks and snacks.

On Friday June 30 and Saturday July 01, 2017, the conference days will start with breakfast, followed by several presentations and discussions. Break sessions will allow for one-on-one discussions while enjoying good food.

The conference on Friday will end with a dinner at the WTC restaurant. On Saturday evening, the event will wrap up with a relaxed barbecue party in walking distance of the WTC.

Tickets for the Future of Bitcoin 2017 are available in Arnhem, the Netherlands at the WTC Arnhem. They can also be purchased online using bitcoin on:

Early bird tickets are discounted until June 03, 2017 and available for US$199.00.

About The Future of Bitcoin Conference

The Future of Bitcoin Conference is an open and inclusive conference offering developers, researchers, industry and enthusiasts an opportunity to meet in person and discuss Bitcoin’s issues of today and tomorrow.

The Bitcoin friendly city of Arnhem is located on the banks of the river Rhine, a short train ride east of Amsterdam, and offers over one hundred Bitcoin accepting merchants, a lively historic center with a number of comfortable hotels.

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