The Future of Gaming is Now

Xarcade’s discounted sale offer is a defining event that will create a paradigm shift in the gaming industryrnEveryone remembers two things very distinctly when it comes to their gaming experience. Those two are inevitably their first game ever played and the best game they have ever come across. While the revolution in the gaming industry over the past three decades has focussed largely on the gaming experience and the fundamentals of the game itself, little has changed in the ecosystem.

Gamers and game publishers only met at the point of sale of the game, and in many cases, it wasn’t the publisher who sold the game. Soon with the internet, the best that could be afforded was a review or feedback mechanism to help the publishers identify and rectify mistakes. And that was as far as the gaming industry had gone.

However, a rather inconspicuous whitepaper back in 2009 that gave the world Bitcoins and the blockchain technology seems to have spurred a revolution. Xarcade is on the cusp of that revolution and the gaming industry. As the very first video gaming ecosystem for to use the NEM blockchain technology, Xarcade is offering a unique platform for game publishers to interact openly with their loyal gamers, discuss important matters such as user interface and bugs, while also incentivising gamers to interact with one other using both XAR and XEM, a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin.

Excited gamers will be pleased to hop on board, but Xarcade has another trump card up its sleeve. Xarcade offers users the unique ability to exchange in-game credits with one another that helps eliminate the app store or any other middleman and takes 0% of revenue sharing from game publishers, thus allowing them to save more money. This is a revolutionary phase in gaming history, where the gamer is the centre of the ecosystem and where gaming is not a costly affair but rather saves money for both gamers and game publishers. It’s safe to say that gaming has jumped light years ahead of what was earlier imaginable.

Now you’re already wondering how you can get a piece of the action as well. Thankfully Xarcade is watching out for all its potential users. With a fully-operational and completed platform expected to be created in January 2018, anyone and everyone who accumulates and exchanges in-game credits for XAR tokens will have the unique distinction of getting a 20 percent discount to earn more XAR tokens that can later be converted into XEM which can be used for all transactions on the Xarcade platform. What’s more, users can also cash out their earnings in terms of real money at the NEM exchange whenever they wish to. All you have to do is stay tuned to Xarcade’s CEO, Otto von Nostitz who announced the discounted sale offer for XAR tokens on January 1st 2018 at 00:00 GMT. It sure will be a happy new year for all early adopters of Xarcade.

As Mr. von Nostitz rightly says, “Blockchain technology and video games are tailor-made for each other and NEM blockchain technology is the easiest to use for any entrepreneur wanting to blockchain their business.”

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