The Last Stage of ICO CamX with an Initial Discount!

The second to last stage of CAMX’s ICO tokens sale will last from November 20th to December 4th, 2017, at a discount of 5%. CAMX is a cryptocurrency for adults, as the initiator of the project is the platform of live streams and live Adult-chats.

The final stage of ICO will last until December 18th during which the discount is not provided. Organizers offer 25 million CAMX tokens. 15% will be distributed to the team and 5% to a bounty-campaign. Tokens can be bought using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NEM, Waves, Zcash or USD.

The investors will become lifelong participants of CamX with powers according to the investment size.

The main point
The CamX team’s mission is to create a full and comfortable environment for all. Webmasters will have no need to look for new partner networks and be afraid of frauds; models won’t need to migrate between the live cam websites.

Blockchain technology will exclude fraud and will guarantee webmasters and their clients to remain assigned to them for life.

Clients, who constantly need to search new models and websites with brighter design will be able to use the White Label system of the websites. Each webmaster will be able to create and offer their colorful cam-websites with models, bonuses, necessary subject and billing.

Transparency, the variety of offers within one environment, a wide choice of models and convenience will become a pledge of the environment, where the benefit of one will adjoin to the expected effect of others.

Industry news
Blockchain technologies are becoming more and more valued in everyday life and especially—in the Internet communities. The cryptocurrency is a reliable payment environment, where all participants can be sure of full confidentiality.

On November 17 and 18, in the capital of Romania—Bucharest, the international forum BCAMS took place, which was devoted to the subject of live cam websites.

In part of the speakers’ reports, founders of the leading live cam platforms broached the subject of cryptocurrencies as one of the most convenient payment tools in Adult-sphere.

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