Tip Your Friends In Seconds With Meta

Transparent and faster transactions built on Metaverse blockchain. 10x faster, 1000x cheaper than BTC and ETHrn

Due to the high cost and slow transaction speeds of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Meta was created. Using the Meta Network, users are able to send money, quickly and cheaply with transactions taking approximately 90 seconds for a fee of only 0.0001 ETP per send.

The Meta ICO of 100 million META began on the 1st of January 2018 and ends August 1st, 2018, the sale is currently in its 4th round with prices doubling every round.
How can users get free META?

Join our community on Telegram and share your ETP wallet address, then we will send META tokens to ETP holders only. You must have at least 1 ETP in your ETP wallet to receive 100 META.

How do users buy META tokens during the ICO?

Just simply send your assets to the respective wallet and fill up the payment form.

What is the maximum amount Investors can purchase?

There is a maximum of 300,000 META per investor.

How can business owners use Meta?

Create your Wallet first then contact us to discuss your business and receive META coins.

Will the price of META token increases during the ICO?

Yes, the price for META token doubles every round. So, participate now

When can I receive my META tokens after I sent my assets?

users will receive their META tokens within 24 hours. If you don’t receive your tokens, contact us on Telegram. 

About META


ETP address: MHFys1BS1MMqMdKPAN122NCc1VJ4kb763G
ETH address: 0xA2671994B2D1e104BDA382BDC030B6de7cd26F18
LTC address: LYH9q9Rf6gBjLfqwteEBTvQtnjz98FEZhY
100 free META for new users. Must have 1 ETP to qualify for airdrop.


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