TrakInvest – Crowdsourcing Financial Information and Democratising Investing

The Financial Industry is undergoing a disruption led by innovative platforms that are automating the advisory services and providing cost-effective solutions to the masses. Traditional investment management involves providing personalised advisory services to high-net-worth individuals. However, in recent decades, traditional wealth managers have been commoditized and businesses have been forced to shift online and move beyond the high-end customer to target the mass affluent customers.

TrakInvest is at the core of this disruption with its service offerings that provide social trading features and crowdsource the data from its 100,000+ user base to generate powerful trading insights, signals and ideas.

Headquartered in Singapore, with operations in India, Thailand and Hong Kong for the past 3 years, TrakInvest, is backed by a strong management team and advisory board.

TrakInvest is launching its own currency based on Ethereum ERC20 standards currency called “TRAK”. Ethereum is open blockchain network that would enable users to make their payments. The token launch will introduce a reward economy where the producers of trading data, insights and sentiments will be globally rewarded in a transparent and frictionless manner. Backed by a powerful tech stack and the strength of Ethereum’s Open community network, the ecosystem has a strong technical foot holding.

What is unique about this token?

TRAK token is not only a spendable token but also an investment that grows with the platform too. Users use TRAK tokens to pay for the services offered by TrakInvest and the TRAK token will also be traded in the exchange based on the demand-supply economics. The demand for TRAK token is projected to rise due to the company’s current high contracted demand due to its various partnerships in the region.

TrakInvest also plans to develop proprietary tools using the social trading data and behavior collected for the last three years. TrakInvest aims to empower the retail investor with all these tools to create a level playing field removing the information asymmetry that has plagued them for so many years.

TrakInvest will develop its current virtual equity trading platform to include virtual trading and simulation games for cryptocurrencies. TrakInvest will launch TrakInvest powered Investment Labs in various Universities of India and Thailand to train young graduates in stock markets and to provide jobs to those that demonstrate performance practically by building a winning portfolio on TrakInvest. Further, TrakInvest will be developing the crypto community by providing training in block chain technology development to the PHP, HTML developers in regions such as India that help transform the technical talent and upgrade their skill set to also include the ability to become blockchain developers.

TrakInvest is also working to launch AI powered Sentiment analysis tool for both equities and crypto-currencies. These act as social listening tools for crowdsourced asset sentiment to generate profitable equity trading signals and ideas. Essentially, the future of trading.

To fuel the geographical and product extension, TrakInvest is raising USD 30 million through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Details of this ICO project are available on

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