UnicornGO: Blockchain Technology Will Help to Make Mythical Unicorns Real

Singapore-registered company Unicorn Go PTE Ltd. announced the launch of a new online collectible game UnicornGO – a game where users will own fantasy pet unicorns.

The game is based on the Ethereum platform and has an in-game currency called Candy Coins which are limited 12 million tokens. This is the first decentralized blockchain game with limited in-game resources and those limits enable users to earn playing. Smart contracts of the fairy-tale world are written on the Universa network with zero transaction costs.

UnicornGO is a game where users can buy, breed and sale unicorns on the in-game marketplace where gamers will gain interest by breeding unique unicorns and subsequently manage fabulous crypto animals with the power of thought. UnicornGO is going to implement control of characters by the mind power. The neuro interface has already been developed by the company with the assistance of an innovative start-up NeiroBasis. Tesla’s designer’s team is working on the design of a gadget which will allow for the control of unicorns with the power of thought and promises to be a yet another high-tech revolution.

In addition, users of the game can influence the characteristics of the future offspring, providing them with certain appearance type, moods and abilities, selecting partners for breeding. Real genetic scientists have worked on the mechanics of inheritance of various signs of fairy-tale crypto-animals, making the process of unicorns’ gene crossing as close as possible to the actual interspecific genetic connections. The in-game gene laboratory will allow users to receive valuable offspring using the gene mechanic and sell it after that with the competitive price on the in-game marketplace. Moreover, gamers can even ask a handsome price for every act of gene crossing with the unicorn of a rare type.

Advanced genetics and its own cryptocurrency are not the only features of the game – the next stage will be the integration of the UnicornGO interface with augmented reality in conjunction with IZETEX. Live on the bright colored unicorn planet, be a creator of your own unicorn, buy land and homes for the stylish pets, feed them with candy trees fruits, seek for a best unicorn partner and receive amazing offspring according to gene planning – and be really a part of this fairy-tail world with the help of the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality!

UnicornGO bonus token presale closes on the 10th of March 2018 while the full-scale ICO project is not planned. Every unicorns race edition is limited, now unicorns GEN-0 are available for purchase and after 30,000 spices of GEN-0 unicorns will be sold out this combination of genes will never occur again in the future.

Version 1.0. of the UnicornGO game launch is set to launch on the 14th March 2018, more information about the project is available on the official UnicornGo website: https://unicorngo.io


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