VERSES Pioneers Global Augmented and Virtual Reality Economy Powered by Blockchain Technology

VERSES has showcased its virtual and augmented reality protocols to power a new economy of tradable digital assets in the form of holographic avatars.  VERSES is looking to create a marketplace in which the physical and virtual worlds interact seamlessly, with blockchain technology powering a new generation of secure digital trade and immersive experiences.

The company has partnered with Blockchain Industries Inc., Decentra Fund and other parties to launch its private token sale internationally, which has already attracted more than $6 million in interest.

VERSES is attempting to establish a universal protocol that powers virtual commerce, interconnected virtual spaces, smart city infrastructure and secure holographic telecommunications.

“We have assembled a world-class team of staff and advisors from companies like Deloitte Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Magic Leap and more to create a safer, smarter and more immersive new era of the web—The Spatial Web,” said Gabriel Rene, Executive Director of VERSES.  “The next generation of augmented and virtual reality can now include authenticated location data, real-time mapping and physical asset tracking between specific locations. This technology powers a new era of fully interconnected and immersive interactive experiences that speak to consumers’ moods and thoughts.”

VERSES provides full interoperability, allowing users to share VR/AR experiences, as well as trade virtual objects between locations.  The company claims that the protocol will be compatible with more than two billion connected mobile devices by 2020.

“We’re heading towards a world where we will live and create fluidly between the real and virtual world. Interoperability between these assets and virtual spaces will be key in supporting abundance and economic opportunity. VERSES is speeding us toward this future by leveraging blockchain technology to create a new open standard which picks our heads up from our screens and lets us step inside the internet,” said Peter Diamandis, Founder of XPrize and Advisor to VERSES.

VERSES has showcased implementations of its technology in a stage show that features holographic avatars alongside immersive virtual reality experiences that VERSES claims are unlike anything ever showcased to the public.  These demonstrations will illustrate VERSES’ vision for a new paradigm of interaction between companies, audiences, and consumers, one that combines the physical and virtual worlds.

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