WandX™ Announces Partnership With Bancor Protocol™

Bangalore, India WandX™, a platform that “enables the creation and trade of any product built on ERC20 tokens”, including various digital assets, such as loyalty points, is pleased to announce its entrance to the Smart Token™ protocol Bancor Network™.  This strategic move is set to increase the liquidity of WandX™’s proprietary token, the Wand Token.

The partnership will facilitate a mutual, continuous, and undisrupted exchange between the Bancor Network Token (BNT) and the WandX Token, which will take place through the Bancor Network™ protocol. This process will effectively replace the need for traditional exchanges between buyers and sellers, who will benefit from the flawless, direct, and automatic functions of the blockchain that will be put in effect between the two parties.

Through the Bancor protocol contracts, which employ an open source algorithm to define prices, anyone in possession of a Web3 enabled wallet will be able to perform automatic exchanges between the BTH, ETH, and the Wand Token tokens, as well as “any integrated token in this decentralized liquidity network.”

Said Mr. Abhinav Ramesh, Founder of www.wandx.co “We firmly believe that this partnership will result in the Wand Token’s increased liquidity. What’s more, with our mainnet release in less than a month, we will have a full fledged platform on which our Tokens will be used as well as additional Token liquidity through the Bancor Network”.

As for what the future holds for WandX™, Mr. Ramesh said that “We are eager to secure more collaborations which will render our platform as one of the most comprehensive of its kind with two more exciting partnerships this month. Our focus for the next 3 months is to add all the features on our roadmap from a development standpoint, as well as partner with relevant users/organizations to acquire more customers”.

The Wand Token sale, which began October 27th 2017, is set to conclude on December 5th 2017.

No further information is available at this time. WandX™ will share all future developments, as well as the activation of the Bancor Protocol-supported token relay, in future communications with the press, upon the conclusion of its token sale.


To learn more about WandX™, please visit: https://www.wandx.co/

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