Where to buy Monero as XMR gears up for a huge rally

The Monero (XMR) token has jumped by 10% in the past 24 hours and is trading at $292 at the time of writing

The Monero token is under the control of bulls and has seen a strong rally in the past 24 hours. The XMR token saw a huge build up in volumes at the $265 level and the whales seem to be accumulating the coin in huge quantities. The Monero coin could further rally in the short term if the bulls decide to extend the current price spike. 

How & where to buy Monero in the UK and elsewhere

For purchasing Monero token, you will need to register an account on a crypto exchange/broker platform. The entire process is simple and all you need to do is provide a username, password and email address. The site will ask you to verify the account as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. You can submit copies of your passport and utility bill to prove your identity and address respectively. 

Avoid trading on decentralised exchanges as they are unregulated. For your convenience, we have selected two of the best platforms where you can trade securely. 


CAPEX.com is an awarded fintech brand, globally recognized for a strong presence in shaping the future of trading. The company focuses on making the markets more accessible & transforming the way people trade online.

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Trade crypto options on BUXANO, the world’s first platform offering peer-to-peer options trading for cryptocurrency pairs.We offer direct crypto options trading between peers, settled in Bitcoin, thus eliminating the possibility of foul play that can happen on traditional binary options sites where trading is done against the broker.

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What is Monero? 

Monero focusses on privacy and allows completely anonymous transactions. Other major cryptocurrencies are pseudo-anonymous and the account can be easily traced back by mapping IP addresses. However, Monero’s advanced features make it almost impossible to trace the transacting parties which is why it is preferred by users who value anonymity. 

Should I buy XMR today?

The Monero token has the potential to rise further by 10-20% if the bulls retain interest. The early holders of the XMR token could be rewarded handsomely if the coin rallies in the future. 

The first target for Monero is to breach the $300 level and the coin could then target the $320 level and beyond. 

This article is informational only—none of the contents should be construed as financial or investment advice.

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