WONO – A Decentralized P2P-Platform For Rentals And Freelancing

WONO is basically an online environment for sharing, earning and spending, which anyone can join. And here’s the best part: there are no taxes and high commissions, common for off chain monopolists. So, on WONO platform you can finally get maximum value out of anything you own: house, car, bike, musical instruments, skills or experiences. WONO business concept is based on 3 ideas.


The P2P economy segment is booming now, which obviously demonstrates: people still like to share things and want to feel connected, even if it is a “vendor-customer” connection. We believe, a friendly and safe sharing environment, like WONO, will quickly form a strong community of users around it. And a large community of satisfied customers is what makes people get back to a particular service, again and again, guaranteeing its stable growth. After all, we tend to trust people, sometimes even more than our own opinion.

Endless Opportunities, no limits

Every platform in the shared economy market segment is a closed system, which encourages its users to stay inside (and keep their money on the balance) as long as possible. Though it’s almost 100% inconvenient for the user and pretty often results in numerous limitations for the platform users: earnings hold period, currency exchange fee, extra fee for money withdrawal, inconvenient payout options…

If you’re simply going on a vacation, you still need to involve several systems to get out your money (Upwork), rent the property for your vacation (Airbnb) and rent a car in the same country (Turo).

WONO is designed to unite all those systems in one, forming a true multipurpose platform, where users control what is rented out/ sold/ bought on the platform.

“Tokenizing a single market niche makes no sense. If all these P2P or freelancing projects, launches, after all, you’ll have to hold 10 different tokens for 10 different services, constantly exchanging them, losing money and time. It will never work. That’s why we offer an environment for all kind of P2P transactions. You can earn on WONO, you can spend on WONO. Monetize anything you have and get anything you want” – says WONO CEO Alex Esaulov.

We believe that one day the WONO registration form will be the entrance to the whole universe of products, services and opportunities. Vendors at WONO will offer a thousand ways of spending your earnings: homes, cars, new experiences, professional help and more, all around the world.

Risk covering

Decentralization sometimes leads to risks, but not on WONO. The blockchain technology will help the platform stay organised and transparent for all its users. Users of traditional P2P services have no guarantees that their deal will be completed and that they will be compensated in case of cancellation. Being decentralized by blockchain and controlled by the community, WONO will provide safety and transparency to each deal. WONO smart contracts guarantee that the conditions of a deal will be met. Crowd insurance and crowd arbitrage systems provide compensation if the deal is cancelled.

Media Contact

Name: Kirill Pyrev

Email: [email protected]

TG Group Link: https://t.me/wonoworld

Website: https://wono.io

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