World Crypto Conference 2019 Integrates Blockchain Ticketing Through Blockparty and FomoHunt

World Crypto
, an annual blockchain conference organized by EVOLV taking place
in Las Vegas, has announced that early-bird tickets for its upcoming event are now
on sale and exclusively offered through blockchain-powered live events
platforms Blockparty and FomoHunt with crypto payments accepted.

This year, World Crypto Conference will return to The Cosmopolitan Hotel on October 29 to 31, marking the second edition of the event. World Crypto Conference 2019 will feature speakers including Jesse Lund of IBM Blockchain and Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and the Mozilla project.

“We’re excited to be one of the first blockchain conferences to utilize blockchain ticketing. As a blockchain conference, we think it’s important to be utilizing the technologies that we espouse,” said Adam Williams, CEO of the World Crypto Conference.

“It’s vital that our industry supports its entrepreneurs and we’re pleased to be taking a lead role. I’m also genuinely excited about what the technology can offer in terms of helping us drive sales while maintaining transparency.”

World Crypto Conference is using the Blockparty and FomoHunt
platforms to enable ticket payments in both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies.

FomoHunt describes itself as a “social discovery platform for cryptocurrencies” that features dataset on crypto and blockchain founders, teams and events, while Blockparty provides a blockchain-based live event ticketing platform that aims to improve the event ticket purchasing process, and eradicate bots and fraud.

a combination
of digital identity, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing
tickets, and on/off chain and batch processing, Blockparty has built a system
that enables event producers, venues, performers, fans and ticketing companies
to interact securely and effectively in both primary and secondary ticket

At the center of the Blockparty Protocol is a digital
identity technology that enables the transferable proof of title of a ticket
from the primary market to, and within, the secondary market. Tickets on
Blockparty can be stored on mobile devices and unlocked with the digital key.
Encrypted biometrics can also be implemented directly as tickets at the gate.

Blockparty claims its blockchain ticketing solution has
already been used to ticket dozens of events including its very own 4,000-person
music festival, Best Life, which took place last September in Miami.

“Ticketing is the primary source of revenue for large-scale
events like World Crypto Conference and blockchain can give event organizers a
more holistic view of the process while providing them with access to new
audiences,” said Shiv Madan, CEO of Blockparty.

“In close partnership with FomoHunt, we are leveraging this new technology to allow for payment in cryptocurrency and limit fraudulent re-entry, while also making it much easier to account for third party ticket sales. Our system also processes tickets extremely quickly, meaning lines and wait times are significantly reduced. Our solution not only benefits the conference organizers but even more importantly, the conference attendees, who benefit greatly from these ticketing improvements.”

World Crypto Conference (WCC) 2019 is set to bring together
thought leaders from notable companies to discuss the implementation and
real-world use cases of blockchain, digital currency, and the many ways the emerging
technology is disrupting global enterprises. Topics of discussion will focus on
distributed ledger technology, blockchain use cases, digitized assets,
disruption, and developments in the adoption of digital currency. The
event will also feature the WCC Dev Con as well as the WCC Mining Conference.

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